LED Lighting

We love innovation – it inspires us to take what we do with electricity further and nowhere is the future more exciting than in the world of LED lighting technology. It’s incredibly cost-effective; the average office or factory could save thousands per year on its electricity bills. It’s also safe (there’s no glass or mercury), saves on heat (LED lights give off just a fraction of heat compared to traditional bulbs) and it’s fully recyclable, brighter and has more coverage.

All this is good news for our clients. The LED lighting systems we’re designing and installing are bringing them all up to date with increased profit margins thanks to their longer lifespan, low maintenance and phenomenal cost-effectiveness that means big savings all round. D Squared’s LED lighting systems are bringing buildings to life to remarkable effect.

It starts with a conversation about what LED can do for you, then we design a lighting concept that’s tailored to suit your space and your budget before we install a lighting scheme that will give you years of money saving use, virtually maintenance-free operation and an aesthetically pleasing look and feel.


  • Brighter cleaner light
  • Tax Deductible
  • Hassle-free – maintenance free for over 5 years
  • Reduce consumption so cheaper electric bills
  • Flicker-free/instant startup
  • No glass or mercury that can break or poison
  • Finance available to spread the payments